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When employees cannot work due to sickness or injury they are often uncertain as to their rights because the laws are confusing. There is a set of laws that apply, but the laws sometimes overlap or are contradictory. Weinstein Law Firm, LLC guides employees as to their rights in these circumstances and on how to exercise these rights to their maximum benefit.

One of the most important laws when workers are too sick or injured to work is the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. This law requires employers to hold the employee’s job for 12 weeks. But the law only applies to employers with 50 or more employees. And it doesn’t require the employer to pay the employee while he or she is out. Some states, New Jersey for example, have laws that allow for the employee to get paid while sick, for at least some of the time.

If the time off is due to an injury on the job, this presents a whole set of other legal questions under the state’s workers’ compensation laws. Workers’ compensation laws provide income and medical care when employees are hurt on the job, but do not require employers to hold open the injured worker’s job.

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