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In certain circumstances, if you sustain injuries while traveling to or from the workplace, your employer may still be liable.

What are the circumstances that might apply?

– If you are on a phone call with your workplace
– Running an errand related to your job
– Picking up something work related on your way to work
– Dropping off something work related
– On-Call employees

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Injured Traveling To or From Work?
If you have been injured traveling to or from work, the attorneys at Gentry & Ashton Law are ready to help you. We recommend you take the following steps:

– SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION: See your doctor as soon as possible. Make sure all injuries are documented, no matter how minor they might seem.
– OBTAIN INSURANCE INFORMATION: Make sure you get any person involved in the accident’s insurance information. Be sure to write down their license plate number, contact number, address, and driver’s license number.
– DOCUMENT PROPERTY DAMAGE AND INJURIES: The best record of damages and injuries are photographs. If you can, take numerous pictures of any cars involved, any damage present on any of the cars involved, and any injuries you have incurred.
– ALERT YOUR WORKPLACE: Let your employer know what has happened. File a report of the incident, indicating exactly what happened, and the date and time the accident and/or injuries occurred.
– CONSULT AN ATTORNEY: Once you have seen the doctor, your next step is to call an accident attorney. We can help you determine what your next actions will be.

If you have been involved in an accident traveling to or from work, you need a dedicated attorney by your side. An experienced accident attorney can get you the help you need. At Gentry & Ashton Law, we have handled numerous accident cases involving work travel and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help navigate this difficult time for you and your loved ones.  Contact us today at (714) 541-4161 to schedule your FREE consultation and case evaluation.


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