Search Engine Optimization is important to any law firm web design, but like all things, SEO has limits. You should ensure that your website is properly optimized, but if you want to be found online you also have to create a successful online marketing campaign. Remember that you’re competing with other law firms when people search for your services. So, how do you beat out the competition?

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one way to beat out the competition. Search engine marketing is a more aggressive form of search engine optimization. It involves different techniques focusing on both on-page and off page optimization. On page optimization usually involves SEO techniques like h1 and h2 titles, page titles, and keyword and key phrase combinations. Off page optimization usually involves SEO techniques such as meta key words, meta descriptions, meta tagging, link building, and directory submissions. Depending on the company providing the service, practices may change or involve different things like social media.

Search Engine Marketing is usually costly and at a monthly basis. It’s more geared towards big metropolitan cities like Los Angeles or New York where competition is fierce. Unlike Pay per click campaigns, search engine marketing results are designed to last.

Gain Exposure Through Social Media

Social Media is a great and free way to gain exposure for your law firm. The big three social media outlets are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can gain exposure simply by following and engaging with your audience or other thought leaders in your area of practice. Through social media, you can amass a following and grow your audience. Comments, likes, and shares go a long way and you can think of social media as the internet’s word of mouth referral. Social Media is all about being social and in order to get the most out of your social media accounts, it’s best to stay active. Exposure will come naturally and in time.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a nifty, free-to-use tool from Google. It’s an important resource for data. With Google analytics, you’ll be able to find who is viewing your website, which page gets the most hits, the primary age and demographic of your visitors, and even the average length of time people spend on each page. With the data provided from analytics, you’ll be able to make more carefully informed decisions on where to focus your marketing efforts.