We’ve touched briefly on keywords and their importance to Search engine optimization. Keywords and key phrases are how you’re generally found online. It’s what people will type in the search engines to find your services. Choosing the right keywords and phrases is tough, so how exactly do you choose and find out what legal keywords people will type to find your services?

Think Like Your Client

You’re an expert in your field. Your clients are not. Try and put yourself into the mindset of your client and what you feel they’ll search for when looking for your services. You can try and ask yourself questions you feel a client will ask. Forget the jargon you’ve learned and focus on simple terms.

Word Keywords and Phrases Differently

Keywords and key phrases can always be switched around and worded differently. Take advantage of this fact and switch around keywords and phrases to cover all your bases. For example, “Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer” and “Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles” are the same, just worded differently.

Research with Google Analytics

We’ve already covered the benefits of Google Analytics to your marketing efforts. Google Analytics also offers tools that show you trending keywords within your industry. It also shows you the popular keywords and phrases people used to find your website. Take advantage of this fact and update your keywords and phrases to increase your exposure.

There are also numerous free online resources that will help you make more informed decisions on choosing your legal keywords.